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You want what every local business wants: to build your business and have time to focus on what matters most to you. That’s why we provide you with leading digital marketing technology, leverage over a decade’s worth of marketing intelligence, and give you a team of dedicated experts who partner with you for success. All so you can get more customers.



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Flash Websites: Let’s say Bye-Bye

Flash websites are nice, they’re pretty and stimulating but still far from practical. In fact, in many cases, the prettier your site, the more complex message it sends to a potential or current client. Considering how far we’ve advanced in technology and with the Internet, you’d expect this primary focus would be clearer. Unfortunately since we’re all wrapped up in [...]

Integrate Your Digital Strategy: The IDS Approach

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new buzzword in town. Integrated Digital Strategy or IDS. At the centre of this theory, is the idea that your business’ digital and online marketing elements need to be fully integrated into your complete marketing approach. “Googling it” has become a common form of follow up action after hearing a radio ad or [...]

Building Authority

Search engines like Google use algorithms to define where a particular website sits in the search engine results pages (SERPs). These algorithms are constantly updated from a daily to hourly basis, depending on what can be improved; this helps ensure the most relevant websites are returned to the entered search query. In order to help improve a website’s ranking, authority [...]

Why Your Website Needs to be Google Mobile Friendly

Key Takeouts Search engine giant launches update to algorithm, giving preference to mobile friendly websites. Change will only affect searches performed on a mobile phone. Google outlines four ‘mobile friendly’ principles. Today Google has launched its latest algorithm update, billed as “Mobile-geddon.” This is aimed at giving preference to mobile-friendly websites. The algorithm update was announced earlier this year [...]


Our leadership team brings decades of professional experience and an incredible passion for digital marketing to inspire our clients, our shareholders, and our employees.

Denis Smith
Denis Smith
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Amanda Steward
Amanda Steward
Chief Financial Officer
John Brandstain
John Brandstain
Chief Product Officer
Andy Starh
Andy Starh
Chief Strategy Officer


We’re honored by the recognition we’ve received as a leader in digital marketing.


We connect local businesses with more customers by working with top global brands that power all the places consumers search, surf, and socialize online.

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