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Project Description

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Digital Doughnut is at the heart of a community of over one million marketers and needed a new, flexible, yet robust system to connect users together. iReachLeads produced a solution that helped facilitate this need—the site has seen a 1,088% jump in user sign-ups since launch.

Connecting the Marketing Community

iReachLeads  created a new responsive site with authenticated-only areas, user-generated content, event management, sign-ups, report downloads, and data capture functionality. IReachLeads’ administrative features have streamlined Digital Doughnut’s workflow immensely, saving them hours every day.

Technology Solutions:

  • User accounts and forms allow users to download industry reports, register for events, comment on articles and submit their own articles.
  • Large volumes of legacy data (18,000+ users and 2,000+ articles) needed to be migrated.
  • The site is optimised to ensure fast load speeds without a trade-off in image density or quality.
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The year-on-year (January 2015 vs. 2016) results of the project:

increase in unique users
increase in user contributions
increase in global page views
increase in pages per session
decrease in bounce rate
increase in mobile traffic
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