//Cold Sales Email Campaigns

Cold Sales Email Campaigns


Ever wonder how to get intro meetings to present your product or service to potential customers but hate cold calling? Cold emailing is a great way to get your foot in the door and sell more.


Sales are the lifeblood to every organization but many people don’t know where to start. Cold emails can start a conversation with a prospect and turn that first meeting into a new client. I’ve had success getting meetings with F500 companies to small business CEOs by sending cold emails as the first contact which ultimately resulted in new sales and can show you exactly how to do it.

What you can expect:

  • Discussion of strategy – How to best approach cold emailing for your organization.
  • Email campaigns – We will show you examples of emails that work and we will design email templates that you can tweak based off of the strategy we’ve decided
  • Review your cold email templates and provide feedback
  • Provide recommendations for tools to use when sending out email campaigns and managing campaigns
  • Create and test one email campaign and assist you with the setup of the second campaign
  • Provide feedback on any optimizations or best practices.
  • Consult with you on managing the different types of responses you will receive (if requested)

What we need from you:

  • Short onboarding form to be filled out upon purchase
  • Information about what you’ve tried in the past for outbound sales


Will this result in sales?2018-04-10T18:42:07+00:00

It should result in enough intro meetings to fill the top of your funnel. There are a lot of unknowns and variables that require a sale but this will get your foot in the door and should help you get closer than before to closing sales. Instilling a regular process for prospecting and testing new segments is key to success. We have you covered.

Will this be customized to my needs?2018-04-10T18:41:14+00:00

Yes, we will work with you to understand your business and sales goals to put together a custom email cold email program

What do I need to get started?2018-04-10T18:49:30+00:00

A website, an email address, a list of your best sales collateral (blog posts, webinar replays, infographics etc), an understanding of your prospect persona, a success target (new sales/meetings/leads per month), and an open mind.

Will this work for Fortune 500 companies or small and medium size businesses?2018-04-10T18:47:48+00:00

This works for companies of all sizes. The approach will differ depending on size of company and who you need to be talking to.

What types of companies does this work best for?2018-04-10T18:45:23+00:00

This works best for any companies selling to other businesses, so B2B tends to be the best fit.

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