//Monthly Infographic

Monthly Infographic


Blogs like Hubspot, Unbounce, & KISS, all use Infographics to drive more visitors. Get both content + infographic design with this all-inclusive gig.


The best marketing blogs all use Infographics to drive likes, shares, and sales. Problem is, they are expensive. We’ve been doing infographics for over 5 years and have worked with some of the biggest names worldwide, delivering high-quality infographics for a crazy low price.

What you can expect:

  • One complete infographic in flat graphic icon design (per month)
  • Infographic is 100% branded for your business
  • Research for the content and data needed for design
  • Up to 10 data points for the topic of your choice included
  • Up to two revisions on copy
  • One minor revision on design
  • All file types available at the end – PDF, JPG

What we need from you:

  • Style Branding Guideline
  • Topic of the infographic
  • Logo, links, and branding instructions (if any)
  • Examples of other infographics you like (if any)


What if I only need one infographic?2018-04-10T14:25:09+00:00

You are able to cancel your service before renewal. Please cancel one or two days before your service is set to renew – based on a 30-day cycle from when you purchased.

If content isn’t provided, how is the research done for the Infographics2018-04-10T14:23:59+00:00

We search for information on the internet and source from reliable news/research papers and blogs. We compile up to 10 points along with references and submit to you for feedback. This process of data compilation/research takes 1 working day. We start the design after we get a heads up from the you on the research.

I’m already blogging, should I use this gig?2018-04-10T14:23:23+00:00

Infographics are shared and linked to more often than other formats. The two work very well together.

Do I need to supply the content?2018-04-10T14:22:44+00:00

Nope, we will handle it end-to-end. However if you would like to use a specific resource or data set we are happy to use anything you wish.

What is an infographic?2018-04-10T14:18:26+00:00

Infographics allow the presentation of data and information in a much more visually engaging way so that readers want to know more and read on. You can get your message or information across much quicker using pictures – like they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

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