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Standart WordPress Website


Time for a website refresh? We’ll give you three custom designs to choose from, then build up to ten pages for you!


We’ll take your content and images and turn them into a design that will make your website look great! First will make three homepage mockups, and you pick the one you like best. Then we’ll build you up to five pages in that design, giving you a new, refreshed website that will catch everyone’s attention.

What you can expect:

  • One custom design based on your specifications
  • Up to 20 pages built with the chosen design
  • One round of revisions included
  • Two-plugin setup and configuration included (i.e. contact form and one more)
  • Will install analytics and/or conversion code, if provided
  • All sites will be mobile friendly

What we need from you:

  • Current website URL (If you have)
  • Access to website and hosting server (If you have)
  • All required content and images you want to use
  • Any analytics or conversion codes you want installed
  • Desired plugins and setup information
  • Wireframes or sketches of what you would like the design to look like
Can you use existing content on my site if I want a redesign?2018-04-21T21:26:21+00:00

We can use the existing content as long as there are no changes. However, we will not pick and choose what content to include. You’ll need to let us know exactly what content you want to include and where.

What should I make sure to have ready when I purchase?2018-04-21T21:25:34+00:00

You should have all of the content and images ready, as well as a rough layout in mind. That way we can get started as soon as you purchase.

How long does it take for delivery?2018-04-21T21:22:32+00:00

On average, we can have your custom website built within 10 business days from when we receive your information.

Will you set up analytics for us?2018-04-21T21:20:58+00:00

No, but we will install the tracking codes if you provide them.

Will you create content for us?2018-04-21T21:20:05+00:00

We will only accept projects that have all content complete and available.

What if I need more than one round of revisions?2018-04-21T21:13:12+00:00

That is outside the scope of the gig. Make sure you catch everything prior to the included round of revisions.

Is hosting included with this service?2018-04-21T21:18:25+00:00

No, not at this time.

What happens after I purchase?2018-04-21T21:21:35+00:00

It’s pretty simple, after you purchase you will receive a brief questionnaire. Here you will provide all the info your writer will need to get started. Done and done.

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