//Hosted WebSite Package

Hosted WebSite Package

$600.00 $495.00

Hosted WebSite developing and supporting. This package is valid on annual agreement only.


The best decision.
In case of annual agreement you only pay sum equal 50 USD per month.

  • Access: Author’s access allows the user to change the text and most of the images, but do not add the main pages or change the design
  • Hosting: Sites owned and hosted on iReachLeads
  • Domain: Domains for free sites are selected and owned by iReachLeads. We will do our best to make the domain as close as possible to your business and company name
  • CMS: Websites are built on CMS WordPress
  • Design: Themes can be selected only from the site gallery
  • Pages: The number of free pages is limited to 5
  • Blog: Does not include blogging service.
  • Plugins: Does not contain plug-ins, except for tracking plug-ins and analytics.
  • SMM: Free sites do not include any SMM integration, other than links to pages in social networks.
  • Colors: The color scheme of the sites can be changed to reflect the branding of customers.
  • Content: IMPORTANT – The site will not be launched until the client has sufficient content for all pages. Instructions on how to provide content will be provided to customers after registration.
  • Launch time: The launch period is 2-3 days AFTER the content is provided in full volume.
  • Subscription: Includes payment for technical support for hosting capacity and data backup
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