//AdWords: Why Use Extended Ads

AdWords: Why Use Extended Ads

By January 31, 2017, AdWords , the Google Advertising Circuit, will allow only large ads to be created ; those previously made using the abbreviated format will continue to appear within the advertising campaigns, but they will no longer be able to be modified in extended ads. It is therefore advisable to go as soon as possible to the latter.

But what do the large ads consist of? In plain words they allow you to define two titles for each text entry, the traditional format allowed instead of entering one title per ad; for the rest, the options available are the same and they specify to specify the ad’s destination URL (possibly indicating an alternate for mobile devices) and a description to associate with the titles.

The two extended ad titles will have a single string linked to the landing page where they will be separated by a dash, so it is recommended that you use the first title to make the ad issue clear and the second for more in depth, giving the description below to the details. For each title, up to 30 characters are included, while up to 80 characters can be entered for the description, always including spaces.

If it had not already been done, given the approximation of January 31st, it would be best to proceed as soon as possible with the creation of large advertisements; In this case, however, it would still be ok not to disable shortcut ads from scratch . Better use the “Copy and Edit” function to duplicate existing ads by adding a second title to the generated clone.

In doing so, it might be helpful to keep short ads for a few days to evaluate performance differences, especially from the point of view of clicks and possible conversions generated; then note that before the new ad approval may take a few hours. Once you’ve verified that the changes you make do not produce a negative impact on your campaign’s results, you can pause your ads in the oldest format.

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