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To better define your strategy and effectively maintain the competitiveness of your web resource, you need to start analysing some technical aspects of your company rivals. The main questions you should answer:

  • When was their online store found?
  • What kind of promotions do they have?
  • What position does the site take in the search results?
  • What contextual ads do they use?
  • What pricing strategy do they follow?
  • What is their current ranking behaviour?
  • How are their pages and content […]


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After your competitors have been identified and categorised, you can move on to the next stage – examination. To come closer to these rivals and discern more details you need to analyse their websites as a client and become their client.

Thus, this stage consists of two steps: external (visual) and internal examination.

External (Visual) Examination

Firstly, we advise getting started analyzing the websites of your direct competitors. Just take a view of their online store, and answer several questions:


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The point of departure – Your analysis is to understand who your competitors are, and categorise them. This is the easiest section, nonetheless, the most crucial step for the later stages of your research.

To organise your time better, download the Competitive Analysis Template spreadsheet. Change this by adding or removing the columns that you feel are relevant to your requirements.

Begin looking for your competitors on Google Advanced search or […]

AdWords: Why Use Extended Ads

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By January 31, 2017, AdWords , the Google Advertising Circuit, will allow only large ads to be created ; those previously made using the abbreviated format will continue to appear within the advertising campaigns, but they will no longer be able to be modified in extended ads. It is therefore advisable to go as soon as possible to the latter.

But what do the large ads consist of? In plain words they allow you to define two titles for each text […]

Google new goal-optimized Shopping campaign

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Machine learning has come to Shopping Campaigns. This week, Google announced a new Shopping campaign type — subtype, really — that is “goal-optimized.” The campaigns will use machine learning to aim to automatically optimize ad delivery to achieve the defined conversion goal value, such as revenue or return on ad spend (ROAS). Additionally, the campaign type combines dynamic remarketing and standard Shopping in one campaign to deliver an ad across Google properties and the ad network.

“Our systems will evaluate all […]

HTTPS: how to read browser notifications

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The most popular Web browsers, and firstly Google Chrome and Firefox , now integrate a icon-based system for reporting Web sites, and in particular Web site sections that do not use HTTPS- based and secure SSL-based connections ; but today, according to a recent Federprivacy study , 82% of the 50 most visited Internet sites in the Italian language would still be reported as insecure.

To maximize the security of Web browsing, the most up-to-date browser releases are able to indicate […]

Google: New ways for paid news

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Soon Facebook will give publishers the chance to offer their paid news, Mountain View has therefore decided to redefine its informative proposal to make it more competitive. The service would then be adapted to allow content producers to choose which news to publish for free and what not.

The new approach essentially includes the abolition of the so-called ” First Click Free “, which had been active since 2009 and allowed publishers to select 3 free news (accessible from both Google […]

Twitter prepares Twitter Lite

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As well as other popular social networks,  Twitter would also be developing a Lite version of its application for mobile devices; such implementation would already be in the testing phase and, once ready, it could find particular dissemination in emerging markets.

The real “Lite” apps are essentially “lighter” than traditional ones: they take up less space in a device’s memory, they activate a much lower number of background services, they can be loaded faster and consume less data, allowing a saving […]

Instant Videos on Facebook

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Facebook developers would be testing a new feature designed to allow those who access the Internet through data networks to optimize their consumption. This feature would take the name of Instant Videos. It should allow (pre) to upload movies via WiFi connection and then view them when it is not available.

The goal is, of course, to increase the traffic generated by the videos  – the most successful content today on the platform. Preloading could result not only in GB savings […]

5 Tips to Help Ecommerce Stores Kick Start 2017

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Now that the tinsel has well and truly come down, Boxing Day has come and gone, and New Year’s day is just a blurred memory, it’s time to get ready to tackle 2017!

The typical lull that follows in January and February is something all retailers have now come to expect, but the mistake most of them make is that they let it happen. There are a few things every retailer can do to ensure they’re making the most out of […]

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