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To better define your strategy and effectively maintain the competitiveness of your web resource, you need to start analysing some technical aspects of your company rivals. The main questions you should answer:

  • When was their online store found?
  • What kind of promotions do they have?
  • What position does the site take in the search results?
  • What contextual ads do they use?
  • What pricing strategy do they follow?
  • What is their current ranking behaviour?
  • How are their pages and content […]


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After your competitors have been identified and categorised, you can move on to the next stage – examination. To come closer to these rivals and discern more details you need to analyse their websites as a client and become their client.

Thus, this stage consists of two steps: external (visual) and internal examination.

External (Visual) Examination

Firstly, we advise getting started analyzing the websites of your direct competitors. Just take a view of their online store, and answer several questions:


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The point of departure – Your analysis is to understand who your competitors are, and categorise them. This is the easiest section, nonetheless, the most crucial step for the later stages of your research.

To organise your time better, download the Competitive Analysis Template spreadsheet. Change this by adding or removing the columns that you feel are relevant to your requirements.

Begin looking for your competitors on Google Advanced search or […]

HTTPS: how to read browser notifications

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The most popular Web browsers, and firstly Google Chrome and Firefox , now integrate a icon-based system for reporting Web sites, and in particular Web site sections that do not use HTTPS- based and secure SSL-based connections ; but today, according to a recent Federprivacy study , 82% of the 50 most visited Internet sites in the Italian language would still be reported as insecure.

To maximize the security of Web browsing, the most up-to-date browser releases are able to indicate […]

Google: New ways for paid news

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Soon Facebook will give publishers the chance to offer their paid news, Mountain View has therefore decided to redefine its informative proposal to make it more competitive. The service would then be adapted to allow content producers to choose which news to publish for free and what not.

The new approach essentially includes the abolition of the so-called ” First Click Free “, which had been active since 2009 and allowed publishers to select 3 free news (accessible from both Google […]

Flash Websites: Let’s say Bye-Bye

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Flash websites are nice, they’re pretty and stimulating but still far from practical. In fact, in many cases, the prettier your site, the more complex message it sends to a potential or current client. Considering how far we’ve advanced in technology and with the Internet, you’d expect this primary focus would be clearer.

Unfortunately since we’re all wrapped up in these fancy improvements, we are focusing less on the potential/current client and more on our own wants and desires. Adobe Flash […]

SEO and SEM: Working Together for Better Results

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How do you tell whether your website would benefit more from being displayed in the organic or cost-per-click listings on the search engine results page?

Every company has different targets, keyword rankings and goals that it is striving to achieve with their website, so undertaking in one or the other can be sufficient for your site’s traffic, enquiries and sales.

But if you want the best of both worlds, put simply, your site can benefit from both as there are numerous advantages […]

Integrate Your Digital Strategy: The IDS Approach

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If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new buzzword in town. Integrated Digital Strategy or IDS. At the centre of this theory, is the idea that your business’ digital and online marketing elements need to be fully integrated into your complete marketing approach.

“Googling it” has become a common form of follow up action after hearing a radio ad or viewing an ad on TV. This means that there is no clear cut segmentation between online consumers and offline consumers.

The benefits […]

Exploring Dynamic Call Tracking and Virtual Receptionists in a Digital Market

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Inbound telecommunications are vital to many businesses. In an increasingly disconnected marketplace, telecommunications are how businesses connect with and deliver services to their customers. Dynamic Call Tracking and Virtual Receptionists Services are two poorly understood tools available to marketers.

Dynamic Call Tracking

Your business is likely investing in advertising to target audiences. But, what do you want your audience to do next?

If, like many businesses, you answered ‘pick up the phone and call us’, you should know about Dynamic Call Tracking.

Dynamic […]

What is SEO

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Search Engine Optimisation (more commonly known as SEO) is a method which involves a variety of techniques to alter a website’s natural position in the search engine results pages (SERPs), image search, local search and/or video search to help improve its web presence and ultimately increase its traffic volume.

Do I need SEO?

As more businesses and companies incorporate SEO into their digital marketing strategy today, it’s recommended to consider SEO into yours, especially if you are targeting consumers online. Gone are […]

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